Difference between pashmina and cashmere .

Pashmina and cashmere are both types of wool, but they come from different animals and have slightly different characteristics. Pashmina is made from the fine, soft undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat, and is considered to be one of the finest and softest wools in the world. Cashmere, on the other hand, is made from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, which is found in the high altitude regions of China, Mongolia, and other parts of Central Asia. Cashmere is also soft and lightweight, but it is not quite as fine as pashmina. Additionally, Pashmina is a general term used for all the fine woolen products in Nepal and India whereas Cashmere is a specific type of wool.

A Pashmina shawl is a type of shawl made from the fine, soft wool of the Pashmina goat, which is found in the Himalayas, primarily in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The price of a Pashmina shawl can vary greatly depending on factors such as whether it is a "pure Pashmina" or "100% Pashmina", handmade or handwoven, a cashmere blend, or a traditional or fair trade Pashmina. The original Pashmina shawl is from Kashmir and is known for its luxurious and natural fibers. The Pashmina shawl price in India and Kashmir can vary due to availability and demand  pashmina shawl is not banned people are getting confused between shahtoosh and pashmina actually shahtoosh is banned . Pashmina shawls are also available for men. You can find more detailed information about Pashmina shawls on "Pashmina shawl - Wikipedia"