About the Designer - shahid shah - kepra

about the designer

Shahid Shah – kepra We cater to the needs and fashion sense of the most elite
clientele – both in India and abroad. We have been serving the cream of
domestic and NRI market for three generations .

  With the launch of
his eponymous designer label 'KEPRA' in 2004, the focus shifted to
conceptualizing and reinventing the art of hand embroidery and handloom shawls
like kani shawls. Shahid constantly engages with different weavers and
motivates them by using their work in his designs. He has been diligently
striving to dispel the erroneous belief that shawls from Kashmir is only   limited
to particular traditional designs and used in particular winter season  and spread the awareness that Kashmir pashmina
shawls are used as style statement.

After registered the kepra to handicraft cooperative society
he got many occasions to represent the art from the vallay. Shahid also
collaborates extensively with master craftsmen across the valley to
develop new combinations of colors and fabrics that bring a special vivacity to
his creations

His focus is on understanding what the client want even as he
gently guides them towards a clear and streamlined vision of how they will look. With  Shahid, it is not about marketing and selling his merchandise, but more about making the clients
understand the true value of handloom creations.

        Shahid is deeply
committed to women empowerment. He engages different groups of village women
and provides extensive training in the traditional art of hand embroidery . The
expert guidance of master craftsmen slowly transforms them into skilled weavers
who become capable of fulfilling their essensial needs. The women are carefully
chosen after assessing their passion and dedication towards learning the
crafts. They are paid even during the training period of 6 to 7 months to make
them self-sufficient. The beautiful shawls they create are used in kepra label.