Versatile & Creative Ways To Drape Your Pashmina Stoles

Winters are a season when all we can think about is keeping ourselves warm. For the same reason, our style quotient takes a back seat. But not anymore, especially when you have a beautiful Kashmiri embroidery stole collection in your wardrobe. This timeless accessory can be used in multiple ways to look trendy and accentuate any winter outfit. The unique Kashmiri stoles give you an edge over others and also enhance your look's luxuriousness. But the problem is many women love to adorn these pashmina stoles, but they often don't know how to drape them the right way.

If you are on the lookout to know how you can use this versatile accessory to elevate your personal style, then your search ends here. In this guide, we will be presenting you with versatile and creative ways to drape your pashmina stoles, ensuring their suitability for every occasion and ensemble. Let's discuss those pashmina stoles draping styles and how you can adorn them.

Unique Ways To Drape Your Favourite Pashmina Stoles:

The Waterfall Style

One of the first and most loved stole draping styles is the Waterfall Style. Tie the pashmina scarf around your neck, where the one is significantly longer than the other. Now loop the longer end of your stole around your neck one time and then the second end you used to loop, secure it by the top corner. Fit the stole into the loop at the side of the neck. If you drape the right way, then the unattached side drapes fall like a waterfall and look gorgeous on a solid sweater or layered inside a jacket.

The Classic Loop Knot Style

This classic loop knot style is a timeless draping style that has been popular ever since historical times. Take out your favourite Kashmiri pashmina stole and simply drape the stole around your neck. Make sure that one end is longer than the other. Once done, then loop the longer end around your neck and pull it through the loop. This classic loop knot style creates a chic and effortless look which can be paired with a variety of winter looks, be it formal or casual.

The Knotted Necklace Style

How about wearing a Pashmina stole necklace this winter? If yes, then The Knotted Necklace draping style is your perfect pick. Wrap your pashmina behind your neck. Now, take one end of the stole and wrap it around your hand. Pull it through to make a loose knot. Now, take the other stole and pull it through the side knot. Make it go under the knot loop and then over. This is how you get one perfect knotted necklace look. Choose an embroidered pashmina stole to get a more beautiful look.

The Belted Drape Style

The Belted style is a great draping style that can help you add a trendy twist to your winter looks using your pashmina stole with a belt. It is a sartorially safe look for special occasions. Simply wear the pashmina stole or scarf over your neck and the front of your chest. And then secure it with a stylish belt buckle. There's no need to tie anything in this draping style. So, it's basically a loose way of wearing a scarf meant more for actual warmth. This stole draping style adds texture to your outfit, making it a great option for jeans, skirts or winter dresses.

The Headscarf Style

Get creative with your unique looks by using this headscarf style. Pick any one of the pashmina stoles you have in your collection and wear it as a headscarf. Simply fold the scarf into a long strip, then wrap it around your head and tie it at the nape of your neck. This style is perfect for adding a boho touch to your winter outfits and also helps protect your hair from the harsh sun and cold winds of the season.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, we can say that pashmina stoles are a versatile accessory that individuals can style in a number of ways. It all depends on the person's personal style preferences, and you can make a statement with your unique winter fashion style with your traditional Kashmiri pashmina stoles by your side. We at Kepra have a gorgeous range of Kashmiri embroidered pashmina stoles that are ideal for leveling up your winter-style game. Visit Kepra today and explore the range of styles available today!